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Video and Audio Hosting Platform

Everything you need to start your own video sharing site and START GENERATING REVENUE!










Multi User Video  & Audio UploadingYesYesYes
Multi User Video & Audio SharingYesYesYes
Voting / Rating SystemYesYesYes
Ad Revenue GeneratorYesYesYes
Storage (approx.)250 videos & audios500 videos & audios750 videos & audios  
Memberships  100 Members300 Members500 Members
Monthly Hosting$299$549$749
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The StreamingFREE.tv Video Uploading Community solutions is an all-in-one package suite that allows you to brand, manage, market, and even monetize your unique multi-user platform on your very own terms.

Membership levels, content sponsors, custom video greetings, logo branded media players, social bookmarking, user generated content & features galore – along with affordable monthly hosting plans is just the beginning!

Stop wasting your time and money, promoting third party websites that may not share or respect your view point. The StreamingFREE.tv Enterprise Video Uploading Community solution is what you need to captivate and grow your online audience and media on your own terms.

Order your custom Multi User Video Uploading Community today for as little as $3599!

(On going additional services included broadcaster training(s) &  technical support available)!

Basic White Label service included at no additional cost.

*Monthly audience viewer sizes of  more than 5,000 may require additional usage charge. Please ask your sales associate for a specific package based on your current/projected usage.