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The Neighborhood Community was created as a way to support businesses small and large, across the nation and even around the world. As a member, we encourage you to use the discounts and savings listed on our website and in our mobile app as you shop locally for goods, services, travel, and more.


We need each other. Now more than ever before and as a part of The Neighborhood Community you are letting business owners know that no matter what, you’ve got their back and you appreciate their awesome deals.


This is a network of over 700,000 businesses small and large, that in exchange for being a member of this prestigious program, and patronizing their business,  business owners will offer our members generous discounts from local merchants in your area and also nationwide. This includes but not limited to groceries, restaurants, entertainment, travel, and more!


The Neighborhood Community is provided to you at no additional cost to you,  just for being a subscribing member of any of our products, but your support of the businesses listed in our community is invaluable.