Mackie DL32R iPad-controlled Digital Rackmounted Mixer


Mackie DL32R iPad-controlled Digital Rackmounted Mixer

$1,799.99 Including Sales Tax

The Mackie DL32R is a 32-channel rackmounted digital mixer that lets you work from anywhere in any venue, using your iPad and Mackie’s intuitive Master Fader control app.

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32-channel Wireless Digital Mixer with iPad Control

The Mackie DL32R is a 32-channel rackmounted digital mixer that lets you work from anywhere in any venue, using your iPad and Mackie’s intuitive Master Fader control app. Packed with DSP, the DL32R has phenomenal-sounding EQ, gating, and compression/limiting onboard, as well as delay and reverb, giving you a tight, spectacular-sounding performance. In addition to its extensive live mixing capabilities, the DL32R also features direct-to-disk multitrack recording and playback, and functions as a USB 2.0 interface for your Mac or PC, so you can record the show and then mix it later in the studio. Make no mistake, the innovative DL32R lets you get into your mix like never before.

Ditch the Snake

Wireless mixing lets you control everything from anywhere

Leave that bulky snake at home! Because you can control the Mackie DL32R with your iPad, you can place it anywhere. Even if you put the DL32R onstage, you’ll still be free to walk around the venue to fine-tune your mix, ensuring that every member of your audience experiences optimal sound quality regardless of where they’re sitting. Also, because the DL32R supports up to 10 separate iOS devices at once, multiple engineers can work together from a single DL32R, making tweaks from their various vantage points. You can even set up personal monitor mixes for each performer that they can tweak via any iOS-compatible device. Back in the day, you would’ve needed miles of cable and a pile of submixers to pull off this much signal routing. Thankfully, with the DL32R in your rack, all you need is an iPad and your fingers!

  • Complete control from your iPad
  • Use 10 separate iOS devices at once
  • Set up personal monitor mixes

Plenty of I/O

All your connections are covered

With the Mackie DL32R in your live rig, you’ll never run short of I/O. Providing you with 32 clean, full-sounding Onyx+ mic preamps, 14 fully assignable XLR outputs, a pair of TRS monitor outputs, and a stereo AES digital output, the DL32R has all of your I/O needs covered. On top of that, you also get 28 buses, 14 stereo-linkable aux sends, a headphone output, and a slot for a Dante Expansion Card. And best of all, the revolutionary DL32R gives you total recall of all your settings!

  • 32 recallable Onyx+ mic preamps
  • 14 fully-assignable XLR outputs
  • TRS monitor outputs and stereo AES output

Multitrack Recording and Playback

Direct-to-disk recording and USB 2.0 connectivity

One of the Mackie DL32R’s most useful features is its multitrack recording and playback capabilities. You can either record directly to a USB 2.0 hard drive or use the DL32R as an audio interface for your Mac or PC, giving you the ability to record straight to your DAW of choice.

  • Record directly to an external hard drive
  • Use as a USB 2.0 audio interface
  • Wireless control over all direct-to-disk recording/playback

Loaded with Onboard DSP

Create polished, professional-sounding mixes

Packed with DSP, the Mackie DL32R gives you 36 input channels with a 4-band parametric EQ, highpass filter, noise gate, and compression, as well as 28 output buses with a 4-band parametric EQ, highpass and lowpass filters, 31-band graphic EQ, compressor/limiter, and alignment delay. On top of that, you also get onboard delay and reverb! With three stereo FX processors with dedicated sends and returns, full I/O routing with A/B sources per channel, and modern and vintage options for each processor, you’ll be churning out mixes that sound remarkably polished and professional.

  • Onboard EQ, filters, compression, delay, and reverb
  • Modern and vintage options for each effect

Powerful Digital Mixing

A large-format console in the palm of your hand

The Mackie DL32R gives you 32 channels of powerful digital mixing controlled wirelessly from the extremely intuitive Master Fader iPad app. With total wireless control over everything, including fully-loaded DSP and direct-to-disk multitrack recording and playback, the DL32R is designed for live sound engineers who demand professional quality and want the flexibility of wireless mixing. So, whether you work in a theater, house of worship, or concert hall — if you’re serious about live sound, you owe it to yourself to check out the innovative DL32R by Mackie!

You can limit who is able to access the DL32R’s many parameters
The DL32R gives you access to a plethora of reverbs and delays
You get complete control over each channel’s gain and routing
A virtual patchbay makes routing a snap
The mixer view gives you access to all of the basics
You get a fully-tweakable noise gate and compressor for a tight, punchy sound
Shaping your final sound is easy, thanks to a 31-band graphic equalizer
You get a 4-band parametric EQ with filters for surgical control over your sound
The overview lets you look at your mix on a grand scale
The DL32R gives you quick access to important functions
The DL32R’s vintage compressor/gate lets you add some classic vibe to your tracks
Use the DL32R’s vintage EQ gives you some classic-style sweetness

iPad Sold Separately

Tech Specs

  • Type:Digital
  • Channels:32
  • Inputs – Mic Preamps:24 x XLR, 8 x XLR/TRS Combo
  • Phantom Power:32 x Channels
  • Outputs – Digital:1 x AES/EBU (XLR)
  • Outputs – Main:14 x XLR (Assignable)
  • Outputs – Other:2 x TRS (Monitor)
  • Aux Sends:14 x Stereo-linkable
  • Busses/Groups:28 x Bus
  • Data I/O:1 x Ethernet (WiFi Router Not Included)
  • USB:1 x Type B, 1 x Type A
  • Computer Connectivity:USB (32 x 32)
  • I/O Expansion Slots:1 x Slot (Dante Expansion Card)
  • Headphones:1 x 1/4″
  • Faders:Virtual
  • EQ Bands:4-band Parametric, 31-band Graphic
  • Effects:Yes
  • Rackmountable:Yes
  • Height:5.4″
  • Depth:17.5″
  • Width:19″
  • Weight:18 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:2045880-00

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 7 in
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