The Morning After: Swiss contact tracing app uses Google & Apple tech

The Morning After: Swiss contact tracing app uses Google & Apple tech

HP’s latest monitors cut blue light levels to help you sleep

And a 4K monitor with wireless sharing.

EyeEase monitor


Alongside a new series of EliteBook laptops, HP has launched a new family of E-Series monitors that always function with low levels of blue light. The aim is to ensure that working for extended hours on these monitors doesn’t affect your sleep — which we’ve all heard before. However, color accuracy and yellow shift aren’t affected on these monitors, making them different to the usual nightshift software features we’ve seen on PCs and smartphones.

The E-Series monitors, ranging from 21.5 inches through to 27 inches, won’t arrive until August, when they’ll sell starting at $159.

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LG’s first 48-inch 4K OLED TV is starting to roll out

The $1,500 display will arrive in the US in late June.



The 48CX model is the first time LG has sold an OLED in this size, and it comes with features that could make it perfect to rely on as a super-sized gaming monitor. With its small size and high resolution, LG claims its pixel density compares to a 96-inch 8K display.

Like other 2020 4K OLEDs from LG, it includes NVIDIA’s G-Sync tech for tear-free high frame rate PC gaming (the website states FreeSync support will arrive with a software update). It can handle up to 120 fps 4K content using Dolby Vision or HDR10, plus it has enhanced audio return channel (eARC), auto low latency mode (ALLM) and variable refresh rate (VRR).

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The new macOS Catalina update wrings more life from your MacBook’s battery

And there’s additional fine tuning for the Pro Display XDR.

MacBook Pro


Wondering what’s in the new macOS update? A new Battery Health Management toggle will lower the peak charge of your laptop’s battery, which should help it last longer before you need to replace it. Of course, if you’re on the go and need every bit of battery life you can get at the moment, then you can disable it.

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Twitter fact checks Trump’s false tweets about election fraud

Twitter urges users to ‘get the facts’ in response to Trump’s ‘misleading’ tweets.



Maybe you never thought it would happen, but Twitter’s new fact check feature is being used on some of Donald Trump’s latest tweets, noting that they might contain false information. Twitter has appended a link urging users to “get the facts” about mail-in ballots. Clicking through, Twitter further notes that fact checkers say there is no evidence to support Trump’s tweeted claims about fraudulent mail-in ballots. It added that voting by mail is already used in a number of states, and it linked to stories from CNN, The Washington Post and other outlets debunking these claims.

In the same 24 hours, however, the social network said it isn’t going to remove other false tweets from the US president, namely unfounded conspiracy theories about MSNBC host Joe Scarborough murdering a woman who died nearly 19 years ago.

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